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Or Call me Directly at 859-240-0046 to book in to classes Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

10AM to 1PM.

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"Evening Shadows" (SOLD)

Unique Glass Art From Up Cycled

& Re Purposed Glass

and Thompson Enamels

Architectural Glass Panels, Custom Sculpture, Art Classes
joedrury@msn.com 859-240-0046
Check out the Virtual 5th Street Gallery http://5thstreetgallery.com/

"Red Leaves" (SOLD)

Kiln Formed Glass
with Thompson & GCC Glass Enamels

Link to Video Bio by Numediacy Art https://vimeo.com/62030588

"Wedding Day" (SOLD)

The "Wedding Day" Glass art piece by Joe Drury sold on Saturday at AOL.
Thank you Francisco!

Come to the Saturday Street Market at Art on the Levee Gallery
Every second & fourth Saturday of the month 2pm-7pm and buy more of my glass
works like "Caribbean Night"


1 Levee way, Newport, KY, 41071 (859) 261-5770

"Caribbean Night" at Art On The Levee

"Heart Flowers"
"Autumn Leaves"
"Early Shadows" 
"Platinum Blue I"

"Copper Red Love" (SOLD)

"Fire And Ice II "  (Sold)
I am also working and showing At The Pendleton Art Center, 1310 Pendleton Street, Studio 512 Cincinnati, OH
Featuring Kilnformed Glass and Stainless Steel Mobiles.
See "Lazy Ginger" at " http://www.yelp.com/biz/purple-poulet-dayton " along with more of my glass work while eating GREAT and unique cuisine. 
Original Art Upcycled from Virgils Cafe Glass JoeDrury@msn.com 859-240-0046
Works From The Eisele Gallery Collection 

Eisele Gallery "Lifeforce" Glass Centerpiece" "Lifeforce" at the Constella Festival now available On Line

5th Street Gallery Artists and their Art at:
The Constella Festival of Music and Fine Arts

I am Recycling Glass from the Eisele Art Gallery Renovation into Art and Green Structures. This piece sold at Eisele Gallery. Thank you Doug Eisele!

"Life Force" (SOLD) Now in the collection
of Kevin and Jaclyn McCarron Heath

"Off the Wall II" Sculpture Exhibition Sale
At the Eisele Gallery of Fine Art -
5729 Dragon Way Cincinnati, OH 45227
Kilnformed Glass and Steel Mobiles

"Lucca" Mobile - (SOLD)
Kilnformed Earrings and Mobile
If you can't get to Art On The Levee or one of the other local
galleries you can now buy my art directly at The Pendleton Art Center. Studio 512 with Kiln Formed
Glass Sculpture and Glass Enamels Free Formed glass
recycled by heating to a nearly fluid state
then "freezing" into remarkable new forms.

New Work From The Drury Design Art Studio Blue Green And Yellow Beach Inspired (SOLD) at {the currently virtual} 5th STREET GALLERY and Shipped to Palm Beach. Thank You!: http://5thstreetgallery.com/
We can no longer frack, spill, tap, remove, burn, smash, fuse, dam, clear, convert, divert, undermine, displace, war, or drill for our power.. We now may as well and must catch and share the wind and sun power we can create for all!
 Read at http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2011/06/08/240372/tom-friedman-the-great-disruption/ "The Earth Is Full" and start today!
Three "solar powered" recycled glass art works sold at the 5th Street Gallery, Cincinnati OH!
Ask for DruryDesignArt at Dayton Art Institute Store!
Terri Kern at The 5th Street a great success! More of her work available at: http://terrikern.com/recent-artwork/
My Crystal Works sold in the Cincinnati Art Museum for "A Taste of Duveneck" See Great Art Then Buy Great Art! 953 Eden Park Drive Cincinnati OH 45202
I am offering Glass Art and Drawing Classes at "Art On The Levee" Gallery. A variety of art, hand - crafted Glass, pottery, jewelry and other moderately priced items are offered.
Many items are $50 or less perfect for gifts. http://artonthelevee.com/
Art on the Levee, 1 Levee way, Newport, KY, 41071 (859) 261 5770

At POP Revolution Gallery 9 of my glass works are still available!
Thank you Pop for selling 2 of my pieces! 
My Artist Daughter Salal Moon Rinaldo. Check out her artwork at: http://salalmoon.com http://salalmoondesign.com/ http://salalmoon.etsy.com/
"Helix" "The Transporter is broken..." (SOLD) Final Friday and Installed Sunday! LINK TO: GREAT SPECIALS AT THE PENDLETON ART CENTER
My glass art is also Available for sale at:

             "Recycled Street Light Lens Series"


Work by Joe Drury SOLD at auction during The
Taste of Duveneck Fund Raiser (SOLD)
In the Art Museum Front Lobby DruryDesignArt
Acquire fine pieces of handcrafted Art Work by Joseph Drury and other Artists
953 Eden Park Drive Cincinnati OH 45202


Learn how to Create Beautiful Glass Jewelry and Artwork in First Class at:

W.W. Carpenter Enamel Foundation Glass on Glass Workshops

and DruryDesignArt Pendleton Art Center Studio 512

WHEN: Mondays and Wednesdays - 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. By Appointment Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at The Pendleton Art Center.

Only $100 per session or $250 for three sessions. $10 discount also applies to groups of you and friends.

WHERE: Pendleton Art Center, Studio 512 or Thompson Enamel - Complete “Glass on Glass” Classes, 650 Colfax Avenue, Bellevue, KY, 41073

In these classes you will learn to create from recycled and re purposed glass sources and special Thompson Enamels. Recycling “glass into Art” techniques will be taught by accomplished artist and sculptor Joseph Drury. While these techniques can be applied to enameling on any surface, the primary focus will be on learning how to apply enamels to glass for the creation of Sculpture, Center Pieces, Jewelry, Window Hangings, Bowl and Plate forms.

These workshops are suitable for all students beginning through advanced. Beginning students learn safety, proper ways to apply and fire the enamel. Each student produces at least one art work per session! ALL MATERIALS are supplied for the workshops. Workshops are limited to 8 students per session.

Artists and Students, register now by contacting: Joe Drury directly at (859) 240-0046 emailjoedrury@msn.com
Happy DruryDesignArt Glass Art Students
Studio 512 Classes Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
10 AM to 1 PM. By Appointment. Book early.
Saturday classes fill very quickly. Call 859-240-0046